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Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone SmarterThere are still a few weeks of summer left- and time to relax, read and gather new ideas and perspectives to enhance your practice as an educator and leader. In my last post I shared a number of books useful to educators wishing to explore information about the brain and learning. Here are two intriguing books on leadership that I just recently added to my summer reading list: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman and Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman and James O’ Toole. These are interesting resources for leaders hoping to gain insights and new perspectives on management styles and organizational values. Whether you are a manager in a corporate setting, a non-profit director, or a school principal, you will find some good “food for thought” in these pages. Enjoy!


Here are links to reviews and information about these publications:

Multipliers Vs. Diminishers: Why are we smarter and more capable around some leaders?


Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor


An article by the authors of Transparency in the Leader to Leader Institute Journal:


A Short video by James O’Toole one of the authors of Transparency on the CBS Interactive Business Network Blog:


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