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Reflection in the Classroom

Transitions: Celebrating the End of the School Year and New Beginnings for Students

The past few days have marked the end of the school year for a number of programs I work with here in New England. Over the last week I have worked with 5th graders “stepping up” to 6th grade, 8th graders “moving up” to high school, graduating seniors on their way to adulthood and teachers moving into retirement. It is an exciting time worth celebrating, and a great opportunity for making the most of these transitions and creating connections to enhance future learning by reflecting on lessons learned, accomplishments and goals for the future. In the next few posts I will share some of my favorite reflective activities used for this transition. These activities help learners celebrate their accomplishments, clarify their goals and move learning forward…

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Experiential Education Books and Resources

Latest WNB Friday Lesson: Learning Through Play – Notes from the Field by our Author Jennifer Stanchfield

This time of year many summer recreation and camp programs are gearing up to begin the season. These programs offer great opportunities for youth to develop important social and emotional skills through a myriad of activities. Though many of these programs offer great structured activities led by adults, it is important to allow some opportunities […]

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