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Reflection, Planning and New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions, Reminders, Commitments: Reflective Activities to Help Your Groups Ring in the New Year

Jen Stanchfield offers a number of reflective activities to help your group’s or students reflect on the New Year: Quotes, Keyboard Keys, Postcards

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Reflection Workshop Jen Stanchfield

The Reflective Educator Part Three: Personal Planning and Reflection

Taking time for self-reflection is key to developing your skills and improving your effectiveness and personal satisfaction in your work as an educator/counselor/ trainer.

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The Reflective Educator: Meaningful Self-Reflection and Record Keeping to Improve Your Practice

In this blog post Jennifer Stanchfield explores the importance of prioritizing time for self reflection to improve your practice as an teacher, trainer, counselor or group facilitator. Taking the time to reflect on our professional practice helps us find meaning in our work, develops insight into what strategies or approaches are most effective and help us use what we learn each day from our clients or students to improve our work in the future.

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