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What is Experiential Education?

The experiential approach to education and group work is based on the idea that change and growth take place when people are actively (physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally) involved in their learning rather than just being receivers of information. The philosophy of experiential education was promoted by John Dewey, an educator and philosopher in the early 20th century along with others during the progressive movement in education…

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Active Engagement

Large Group Facilitation Tips

When facilitating large groups in interactive activities it can be helpful to have some “attention-getters” so that you are not yelling at the group when leading an activity, facilitating a transition from one activity to the next or sharing directions…

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Welcome to Japan! Jennifer Stanchfield's Travels in Japan

An Exciting Month On the Road and Thoughts On the Words We Use in Experiential Education

This experience of facilitating through an interpreter stimulated reflection upon the words I choose to describe concepts in experiential education. When presenting with an interpreter I obviously had to slow down and think more deliberately about formulating my words to effectively share an idea and concisely make a point (a good exercise for me). I found that it forced me to come up with clear explanatory words for some of the jargon we use in our field…

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