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Playdough Reflection Activity

Learning Through Play, Blending Community Building With Academic or Training Content Review: Playdough Pictionary

Playdough Pictionary has been one of my favorite “go-to” activities for years. Though I first started using it in team-building programs I have found that it is a great active multi-sensory approach to curricular content review as well as a community and group building. The game encourages creativity, consensus building, social interaction, communication, cooperation, appreciation of others, play, and pro-social group work. For teachers this is a playful approach to differentiation, and can be a fun formative assessment…

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Active Engagement

Activities to Get Them Moving, Talking, Reflecting, and Keep Them Engaged

Recent research from cognitive neuroscientists validates the idea that educators will increase participant attention, motivation, and learning outcomes when they intentionally weave in opportunities to get them away from their desks or boardroom tables and move, interact, discuss and reflect with their peers…

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