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Engage Learners From the Moment They Walk in the Door

Think back to your most memorable learning experiences, the courses you enjoyed, and the teachers you found effective. How did they start off their classes or workshop sessions? How did they begin the school year? How did they greet you when you came into their classroom? Chances are they created a compelling way to draw you into the learning experience…

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Group Problem Solving

WNB “Back to School Series” Ideas for Building Community and Practicing Social-Emotional Skills

Many educators look for some simple group activities to begin the process of community building in their classrooms and groups. Last year in our back to school series Jen Stanchfield author of Tips & Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation offered up a few strategies for building community and increasing engagement and buy in (see blog archives). Today she shares one of her favorite group building activities: Tin Can Pass. To read more click here.

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More Ideas for Starting Your Program Off With Style: “Commonalities Mingle” Large Group Introductory Activity

In May I posted a couple of my favorite activities to get groups moving, talking, reflecting, and keep them engaged: Concentric Circles and Handshake Mingle. Both of these activities are great for helping larger groups of all kinds build rapport or to engage learners in reflection or academic review. Recently, a few colleagues posted questions on this blog and Experiential Tool’s Facebook page searching for more of these simple, low prop, large group, introductory activities…

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