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Our Newest Resource “Quotables” Hot Off the Press! Try Them Out and Give Us Your Feedback.

In past posts I have emphasized both the importance of engaging learners from the first few moments they enter the classroom or group space and the value of blending reflective practice throughout a lesson or program. Quotes are one of the many novel conversation starters and reflective activities that can be used successfully for both of these purposes (see March 2011

and September 2012 posts).


After requests from many trainers and facilitators we have now put together a set of 40 “Quotables” cards focused on themes of leadership, teaching, and learning. The quote cards include a brief biography of the author of the quote to create context, and to promote deeper exploration of the subject.

Quotables by Experiential Tools Printed at Greenfield Paper Box

Quotables Boxes in the Final Stages of Production at Greenfield Paper Box Company

We are proud to share that the Quotable cards and box are manufactured and printed locally by Howard Printing and Greenfield Paper Box Company.


For the month of November we are offering this new resource at a reduced “introductory” price to gather feedback.


More about the Quotables:

The Quotables were created as a tool for team-building, education, training, and personal enrichment programs. Quotes are a great way to stimulate personal reflection, help group members find common ground, initiate conversation, build connections, and spark creative thought. Each package contains 40 quotes focused on teaching, leadership and learning.

Quotables Quote Cards from Experiential Tools

Quotables can be used in many different ways:


As a novel introductory activity to engage participants and help them transition into a workshop or classroom session. Spread the Quotables out so that they are accessible to all group members. At the start of class, or as group members arrive for a program invite participants to choose a quote that resonates with them. Ask them to reflect upon their quote individually, write about it, or share with a partner. Facilitate whole group sharing through active pair share or other group dialogue activities (see previous Inspired Educator Blog posts August 2012, May 2012) for engaging interactive dialogue methods.


As a reflective tool to stimulate dialogue and transfer of learning ask participants to choose a quote that represents a lesson or new perspective they will be taking away from the course or group experience. Allowing them to take the quote card as a memento of the experience can serve as a reminder to reinforce lessons or goals.
To reflect on leadership roles or perspectives on teaching ask group members to choose a quote that represents one of the following ideas:
• The approach or role they took in the group experience
• A Quality they think is most important in a leader or teacher
• Their personal philosophy of leadership or teaching


As a gift or memento of an experience: Individual quotes make a great gift or reminder of a program or personal goal.
Use your creativity. There are many possibilities!


Bulk and custom orders available.

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