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Those whose work requires that they lead groups with other people often share that co-facilitation is one of the most challenging aspects of their jobs, but also the most beneficial and rewarding. When you have to explain your ideas and plans with someone else, it helps you reflect on your rationale and provide insight into your practice as an educator. This reflection pushes us to look at our strengths and weaknesses while articulating our methods…

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experiential education books by Jennifer Stanchfield

Attitude is Everything: Latest Facilitator’s Toolbox Article from ACCT’s Parallel Lines Newsletter

Group participants truly respond—even subconsciously—to a facilitator’s attitudes, demeanor, and expectations. We often communicate more than we realize with our body language and tone. A positive attitude is contagious. If you really believe in the methods and activities you are using with a group, they will most likely buy in and respond to your enthusiasm. Conversely, if you aren’t comfortable with the material you are presenting, participants can sense that as well. People respond to your attitudes toward them…

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Quotables Facilitation Tool

Our Newest Resource “Quotables” Hot Off the Press! Try Them Out and Give Us Your Feedback.

In past posts I have emphasized both the importance of engaging learners from the first few moments they enter the classroom or group space and the value of blending reflection or processing of experiences throughout a lesson or program. Quotes are one of the many novel conversation starters and reflective activities that can be used successfully for both of these purposes. After requests from many trainers and facilitators we have now put together a set of 40 “Quotables” cards focused on themes of leadership, teaching, and learning. The quote cards include a brief biography of the author of the quote to create context, and to promote deeper exploration of the subject…

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