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Teacher Advisory Groups Training with Jennifer Stanchfield

Harnessing the Power of Play to Teach

To be playful and serious at the same time defines the ideal mental condition.- John Dewey


Play, Brain Research and 21st Century Learning


We learn some of our most basic life skills through play. Play contributes to the development of one of our most important brain functions- the ability to control and modify our behavior in order to reach a goal. Adults, adolescents and children all learn and can potentially “change their brains” through play (Aamodt and Wang, 2011).

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Creating Context, Inspiring Inquiry, and Building Community: Another Variation of Trade and Share

In today’s post I share another example of using this group building and dialogue activity to create context, inspire inquiry into a subject, and facilitate formative assessment. As Jessica Dubie showed us last week, variations of this technique could be used in a variety of training, teaching, and group facilitation applications.

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Variations of the “Trade and Share” Activity to Explore Academic Content

In my past two posts I explored an active dialogue activity “Trade and Share” that can be used as a rapport builder, and for reflection. In the next couple of posts I am offering variations of this technique to explore and reinforce academic content.   After using this activity in a course I recently taught […]

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Using Metaphor to Reflect Upon the Strengths of Group Members

As discussed in the February 2013 article, using postcards, image cards and objects are powerful ways to spark introductory conversations and initiate meaningful individual and group reflection on learning experiences. They are also effective techniques for using metaphor to reflect upon and celebrate the strengths and contributions of individual group members.   Groups who know […]

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