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Communication Activity

Communication Focused Activities Part Three

In today’s post, I offer another activity that is useful for exploring how complicated communication can be, and how miscommunication arises. This activity is sure to initiate meaningful reflection and dialogue with the groups you work with.

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Communication Skills Building Activities Part Two

In yesterday’s post I shared one of my favorite activities for jumpstarting reflection and conversation with groups about communication and the pitfalls of miscommunication called “Telegraph”. Others that I use for this purpose are “Zoom”, “Tin Can Pass”, and “Communication Break Down” which I will share in this and upcoming posts.

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Communication Activities

Communication Skills Building Activities Part One

One of the most fundamental aspects of team-building and developing a positive learning and working environment is effective communication. Communication skills are an incredibly important social-emotional skill necessary for success in the 21st century workplace. Group facilitators and educators often look for activities to practice communication skills and explore how communication works in a group and how to improve it – whether it is between staff members, levels of an organization, or student to student. Over the next few posts I will offer some of my favorite activities to initiate reflection and conversations around communication.

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