Books by Jen Stanchfield

New! Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner

This engaging, reader friendly book offers innovative yet practical ways to inspire and motivate learners of all ages. Explore experiential, brain-based techniques to engage participants emotionally, physically and intellectually in academic or training content while practicing important social-emotional skills and building a positive and productive learning community.

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Classroom Community Building

Draw Your School or Workplace

It’s that time of year again! Schools, and colleges are kicking off their programs with community building and goal setting sessions. Draw Your School or Workplace is a strategy I’ve used with programs of all kinds to initiate reflection and conversation on creating a positive learning and working environment.     Purpose/Focus: community building, group […]

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Active Engagement Review and Reflection

Bag of Nouns Activity for Review, Reinforcement of Content, Formative Assessment, and Fun!

Many of the inspired educators that I work with have shared variations of this playful party game for active review and community building in the classroom or training sessions. If you like using Playdough Pictionary or Charades Race (see previous posts) you will enjoy this one too.   Purpose: Community Building, Communication, Descriptive Language, Active […]

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