Best Of Back-to-School and Fall Program Kick-Off Activities and Strategies

It’s that time of year again. The school year is just beginning as is the start of fall programming for educational agencies and training organizations. Here is a collection of twelve posts from the archives of The Inspired Educator Blog that offer strategies and activities to help you start your school year or fall program off on the right foot:

Inspired Educator Blog

•Creating a Positive Environment for Learning
•Start Off With Style. Find a Hook!   
•Setting the Tone, Building Community, and Initiating Discussions: Pair Share Ideas
•Activities to Get Them Moving, Talking, Reflecting, and Keep Them Engaged
•More Ideas for Starting Your Program Off With Style: “Commonalities Mingle” Large Group Introductory Activity
•Engage Learners From the Moment They Walk in the Door
•More Ideas to Engage Learners from the Moment They Walk in the Door
•Get Participants Moving, Talking, Reflecting and Keep Them Engaged
•Variations of the “Trade and Share” Activity to Explore Academic Content
•Creating Context, Inspiring Inquiry, and Building Community
•Team Tally: A Simple Group Building and “Get to Know You” Activity
•Team Tally Part Two: Back to School Version
•The Importance of Names

Inspired Educator Inspired Learner by Jen Stanchfield

If you found these articles useful check out the  Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner which expands upon these activities and strategies and offers information from the educational neuroscience field that supports the experiential approach to teaching and group facilitation.

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