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Training Activities

Team Tally for Group Building, Reflection, Academic Review, and Data Gathering

This group questionnaire has multiple purposes: rapport building, reflection, data gathering, brainstorming, context setting, and academic or training content review/assessment. The playful, informal, small-group sharing and friendly competition engage and motivate participants to join in. Because it is so participant- directed it is ideal for transitional phases (i.e., the first few moments of a program, meal-time, or when returning from a break. It can be used to explore get-to-know-you questions or as a reflective technique to gather specific information and feedback about a topic, or to celebrate an experience. It is a useful technique for large groups (groups are broken down into smaller teams). In school settings, it is perfect for advisory groups or family nights. In adult training and team-building, I use it to ensure all voices are heard when exploring a particular subject.

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Commonalities Mingle Activity for Rapport Building, Reflection, Positive Group Norms and Academic Review/Discussion

This is an effective activity for building rapport in groups of all kinds. It is also a useful method to reflect on academic or training material while at the same time learning about peers or colleagues and exploring common and differing perspectives on a topic. For those thinking of “Back-to-School,” it is a nice group builder for advisory groups, morning meetings. For team-building and networking programs it can facilitate the understanding of “who is in the room” and help participants make connections and start a dialogue about reflection topics.

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