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Commonalities Mingle Activity for Rapport Building, Reflection, Positive Group Norms and Academic Review/Discussion

This is an effective activity for building rapport in groups of all kinds. It is also a useful method to reflect on academic or training material while at the same time learning about peers or colleagues and exploring common and differing perspectives on a topic. For those thinking of “Back-to-School,” it is a nice group builder for advisory groups, morning meetings. For team-building and networking programs it can facilitate the understanding of “who is in the room” and help participants make connections and start a dialogue about reflection topics.

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Setting the Tone, Building Community, and Initiating Reflective Discussions: Pair Share Ideas

August is a month of new beginnings for educators and group facilitators. These last weeks of summer are filled with back to school meetings, training, student community building, and fall program kick-off events. Many educators ask me for ideas for making the most of this time of year, so I am pulling together some of my favorite past blog posts and excerpts from my books with back to school, community building, ice-breaking, meeting facilitation, and context setting activities.

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Best Of Back-to-School and Fall Program Kick-Off Activities and Strategies

It’s that time of year again. The school year is just beginning as is the start of fall programming for educational agencies and training organizations. Here is a collection of twelve posts from the archives of The Inspired Educator Blog that offer strategies and activities to help you start your school year or fall program off […]

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Classroom Community Building

Draw Your School or Workplace

It’s that time of year again! Schools, and colleges are kicking off their programs with community building and goal setting sessions. Draw Your School or Workplace is a strategy I’ve used with programs of all kinds to initiate reflection and conversation on creating a positive learning and working environment.     Purpose/Focus: community building, group […]

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Name Activities from Jen Stanchfield

The Importance of Names

During this “back to school” and fall program kick off time of year educators engage groups in introductory activities, ice-breakers and get to know you activities. Regardless of the types of groups you work with it is useful to have a repertoire of simple and palatable name activities.   Knowing and using each other’s names […]

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Classroom Community

Team Tally: A Simple Group Building and “Get to Know You” Activity

It’s time once again for back to school and fall program kick off. Here is an activity that is perfect for building rapport in new groups coming together for the first time, or for exploring commonalities and group building in existing groups of all kinds.   Team Tally This group commonalities questionnaire serves as a […]

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Reflection Tools and Techniques

More Ideas to Engage Learners from the Moment They Walk in the Door

Engage learners from the moment they walk in the door. Rather than using these precious moments for focusing on taking attendance, collecting homework, or other “administrative” duties, involve students in an activity that helps them transition into the learning environment, make positive connections with their peers, explore or review the academic material at hand and most importantly shift their focus to the “here and now.”…

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Engage Learners From the Moment They Walk in the Door

Think back to your most memorable learning experiences, the courses you enjoyed, and the teachers you found effective. How did they start off their classes or workshop sessions? How did they begin the school year? How did they greet you when you came into their classroom? Chances are they created a compelling way to draw you into the learning experience…

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