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The Reflective Educator/Facilitator Part Two: Meaningful Self-Reflection and Record-Keeping to Improve Your Practice

My most recent post from the Inspired Educator Blog Archives “Embracing the Quiet and Taking Time to Reflect” focused on the importance of prioritizing time for self-reflection to improve your work as a teacher, trainer, counselor or group facilitator. Taking the time to reflect on our professional practice helps us find meaning and develop insight […]

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Positive School Climate

The Art & Science of Experiential Group Facilitation and Teaching

Join in this interactive workshop and fill your group facilitation and teaching toolbox with experiential, brain-based techniques to inspire and motivate participants, create a positive and supportive learning environment, and facilitate meaningful reflection and dialogue to enhance learning outcomes. We will explore: Experiential, brain-based strategies to actively engage learners physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually New […]

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Processing in the Middle of the Experience

Processing in the Middle of the Experience Jen Stanchfield   Often when we facilitate reflection with groups, we make time after the experience or lesson is completed to review and reflect. Many educators describe their reflective practice with groups as “debriefing”—a word that originated in the military for the act of eliciting a report from […]

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