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Creating Ownership and Facilitating Involvement in Learning and Group Experiences

Excerpt from Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation   Control and Responsibility In past posts we’ve established that when people feel like they own their learning experience and have a sense of control and ownership from the start, buy-in, and participation increases. Simple but intentional actions on the part of the […]

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Communication Activity

Communication Focused Activities Part Three

In today’s post, I offer another activity that is useful for exploring how complicated communication can be, and how miscommunication arises. This activity is sure to initiate meaningful reflection and dialogue with the groups you work with.

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Classroom Community

Team Tally: A Simple Group Building and “Get to Know You” Activity

It’s time once again for back to school and fall program kick off. Here is an activity that is perfect for building rapport in new groups coming together for the first time, or for exploring commonalities and group building in existing groups of all kinds.   Team Tally This group commonalities questionnaire serves as a […]

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