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Beware of the Icebreaker

Excerpt from Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation Second Edition   In chapter one, I emphasized how important it is to carefully assess your group, and be aware of putting individuals in the spotlight too early in the group process. Putting learners on the spot before they have developed trust and […]

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Key Ingredients for Optimal Group Building Experiences

In past articles, I have compared group facilitation to cooking. As in cooking, group facilitation allows for a great deal of room for adaptation, experimentation and adjustment of ingredients to fit different groups and different learning situations. Though there is opportunity for creativity and innovation, it is important to remember that there are key ingredients […]

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Jen Stanchfield's Kitchen and Key Ingredients for Successful Teaching, Group Facilitation

The Right Ingredients at the Right Time: Sequencing Group Learning Experiences

As with cooking, facilitation is an art that involves a combination of practice, observation, knowledge of theory and creativity. Effective facilitators act as a good chef does, adding together the important elements in the right amounts at the right time to create a palatable and hopefully meaningful experience. Through careful observation of all of these elements involved in a group’s personality and setting, they intentionally choose and order activities or “ingredients” in order to maximize learning opportunities.

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More on Learning Through Writing and Reflection

Latest Wood ‘N’ Barnes Friday Lesson: Thoughts on Sharing Journal Entries With Others Excerpts from The Me I See: Click Here to Read Full Post

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