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Experiential Education Workshop Nashville

Guiding Your Group: A Participant-Centered Approach to Group Facilitation and Teaching

Excerpt from the Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner The basic tenet of experiential education is the idea of facilitators (e.g., teachers, leaders) approaching their work as guides in the process of discovery, rather than as all-knowing teachers and centers of knowledge and direction. When I work with educators and group leaders, I often find myself encouraging […]

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Jennifer Stanchfield's Pick -A- Postcard Reflection Toolkit

School’s Out for Summer! Celebrating Successes and New Beginnings:

In this Inspired Educator Blog post Jen Stanchfield shares her experiences using reflective activities to help schools celebrate the successes of the year and summer programs start off on the right foot…

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The Educator as Guide

“A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary” – Thomas Curruthers Last week I was inspired by some recent discussions with educators and counselors about educational philosophy and dug into the blog archives with a post on “What is Experiential Education”. Today I am adding to this discussion by revisiting the idea of the […]

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More Summer Reading: Leadership Books

There are still a few weeks of summer left- and time to relax, read and gather new ideas and perspectives to enhance your practice as an educator and leader. In my last post I shared a number of books useful to educators wishing to explore information about the brain and learning. Here are two intriguing […]

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