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The Value of Reflection

Guiding Your Group: A Participant Centered Approach to Facilitation and Teaching

Excerpt from the new edition of Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation The basic tenet of experiential education is the idea of facilitators (e.g., teachers, leaders) approaching their work as guides in the process of discovery, rather than as all-knowing centers of knowledge and direction. When working with educators and group […]

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Reflective Practice or Processing in Experiential Education

Reflective Practice Versus Debriefing

Promoting new ways to engage groups in reflective practice has been a personal passion and focus of my work as an educator. From the beginning of my career as an education and clinician in therapeutic and educational settings I noticed that both facilitators and participants often struggle with engaging in reflection. In books, articles and […]

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The Educator as Guide

“A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary” – Thomas Curruthers Last week I was inspired by some recent discussions with educators and counselors about educational philosophy and dug into the blog archives with a post on “What is Experiential Education”. Today I am adding to this discussion by revisiting the idea of the […]

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