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Training Activities

Team Tally for Group Building, Reflection, Academic Review, and Data Gathering

This group questionnaire has multiple purposes: rapport building, reflection, data gathering, brainstorming, context setting, and academic or training content review/assessment. The playful, informal, small-group sharing and friendly competition engage and motivate participants to join in. Because it is so participant- directed it is ideal for transitional phases (i.e., the first few moments of a program, meal-time, or when returning from a break. It can be used to explore get-to-know-you questions or as a reflective technique to gather specific information and feedback about a topic, or to celebrate an experience. It is a useful technique for large groups (groups are broken down into smaller teams). In school settings, it is perfect for advisory groups or family nights. In adult training and team-building, I use it to ensure all voices are heard when exploring a particular subject.

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Setting the Tone, Building Community, and Initiating Reflective Discussions: Pair Share Ideas

August is a month of new beginnings for educators and group facilitators. These last weeks of summer are filled with back to school meetings, training, student community building, and fall program kick-off events. Many educators ask me for ideas for making the most of this time of year, so I am pulling together some of my favorite past blog posts and excerpts from my books with back to school, community building, ice-breaking, meeting facilitation, and context setting activities.

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school climate

Showing Appreciation and Celebrating Success

This time of year as I work with school programs to wrap up the year and facilitate final faculty professional development days, the idea of celebrating success and honoring the contributions of others seems especially important. Below is an excerpt from Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation that focuses on the […]

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Teambuilding Americorps and Vista

Games and Activities that Teach: Social-Emotional Learning, Academic Skills Development and Community Building Through Play

Join in this interactive and fun workshop and leave with a variety of games and activities that teach and reinforce:
• Problem-Solving
• Communication Skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Critical Thinking
• Responsibility
• Respect
• Academic Concepts
• Reflective Learning

Come and learn helpful facilitation tools and techniques. Add new activities to your educator’s toolkit. Take away strategies that will help you build a positive learning environment, develop social-emotional skills, and promote positive relationships within your groups.

Perfect for advisory group leaders, teachers, counselors, youth workers and after school program staff.

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Strategies for Helping Participants Practice Decision-Making, Compromise & Consensus Continued…A Method for Dividing Groups Into Teams

The Disappearance of Neighborhood Games of Kick-the Can, Part Two: Strategies for Helping Participants of All Ages Learn Through Play.     In Monday’s post I mentioned that I had observed a trend of children and adolescents missing out the development of important social & emotional skills because of a lack of time for “free […]

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The Disappearance of Neighborhood Games. How Do We Help Students Continue to Learn from Play?

In my work with students in a variety of schools and treatment programs I have noticed over recent years that they increasingly seem to struggle with group decision-making. On the playground during recess I have observed elementary students coming to ask teachers to resolve the simplest disagreements or conflicts(for instance who is going to be […]

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