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Training Activities

Team Tally for Group Building, Reflection, Academic Review, and Data Gathering

This group questionnaire has multiple purposes: rapport building, reflection, data gathering, brainstorming, context setting, and academic or training content review/assessment. The playful, informal, small-group sharing and friendly competition engage and motivate participants to join in. Because it is so participant- directed it is ideal for transitional phases (i.e., the first few moments of a program, meal-time, or when returning from a break. It can be used to explore get-to-know-you questions or as a reflective technique to gather specific information and feedback about a topic, or to celebrate an experience. It is a useful technique for large groups (groups are broken down into smaller teams). In school settings, it is perfect for advisory groups or family nights. In adult training and team-building, I use it to ensure all voices are heard when exploring a particular subject.

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Inspired Educator Blog

Beware of the Icebreaker

Excerpt from Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation Second Edition   In chapter one, I emphasized how important it is to carefully assess your group, and be aware of putting individuals in the spotlight too early in the group process. Putting learners on the spot before they have developed trust and […]

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Best Of Back-to-School and Fall Program Kick-Off Activities and Strategies

It’s that time of year again. The school year is just beginning as is the start of fall programming for educational agencies and training organizations. Here is a collection of twelve posts from the archives of The Inspired Educator Blog that offer strategies and activities to help you start your school year or fall program off […]

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Celebrations, Appreciating Others, and Positive Group Norms Activities

During this time of year, I find myself facilitating many staff team-building retreats for community organizations. In my work with schools, the focus is on celebrating the end of the year and goal setting for the next. For other programs, the goal is to develop the team or staff for upcoming summer programs. It is […]

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Classroom Community Building

Draw Your School or Workplace

It’s that time of year again! Schools, and colleges are kicking off their programs with community building and goal setting sessions. Draw Your School or Workplace is a strategy I’ve used with programs of all kinds to initiate reflection and conversation on creating a positive learning and working environment.     Purpose/Focus: community building, group […]

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A Tag Game That is So Much More: Practicing Collaboration, Consensus and Decision-Making Through Play

This time of year I find myself facilitating a number of student team-building programs, “step up” days where students visit their new school and new classmates for the first time, field days, and camp trainings. The advisory leaders I work with often ask for activities that they can use for bringing their students outside for […]

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Stanchfield Inspired Educator

Choice, Control, and a Sense of Ownership

One of the tenets of experiential education is that people learn best when they perceive a sense of control, and have choice and ownership in their learning experiences. Think about creating opportunities that build this sense of choice and control for participants or students from the very beginning of the program or school year. Empowering learners to set reasonable parameters around their participation creates an atmosphere of healthy trust and will increase involvement from reluctant participants.

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Communication Skills Building Activities Part Two

In yesterday’s post I shared one of my favorite activities for jumpstarting reflection and conversation with groups about communication and the pitfalls of miscommunication called “Telegraph”. Others that I use for this purpose are “Zoom”, “Tin Can Pass”, and “Communication Break Down” which I will share in this and upcoming posts.

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Classroom Community

Team Tally: A Simple Group Building and “Get to Know You” Activity

It’s time once again for back to school and fall program kick off. Here is an activity that is perfect for building rapport in new groups coming together for the first time, or for exploring commonalities and group building in existing groups of all kinds.   Team Tally This group commonalities questionnaire serves as a […]

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Experiential Learning and Engagement

Group Building, Problem-Solving and Academic Review: Zoom and other Sequencing Challenges

Interactive approaches to practicing, recalling, reviewing and discussing academic material such as this one increase engagement. According to new research on the brain and learning, using a variety of teaching and review methods that involve multiple senses helps learners retain and recall information by promoting multiple “learning pathways” for storing and accessing information (Willis, 2006, 2011). This week I am offering my take on the popular team-building activity “Zoom” with variations that connect this great communication, problem solving and group building activity with academics and curricular content review including “Layers of the Atmosphere Line Up” and a “Historical Time Line Shuffle” among others…

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Conversation Starters

Pin Back Button Collection   Now available in two sizes. Both sets come in a sturdy, sustainable bag made by Hemppower Bags of Vermont.   Regular Set: 30 buttons $ 34.95  Spring Sale Price Deluxe Set: 50 buttons $49.95 Choose Set Regular (30 buttons) $29.95 USDDeluxe (50 buttons) $49.95 USD Secure checkout through Paypal, or […]

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